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Congratulations, and well done!  By advancing your learning in trading and investing you have set yourself apart as one of the few who do, versus the many who don’t.  Check out the contents of the Free Intermediate Trading And Investment Course below, and click to go wherever your heart desires, or check out the free Amibroker & Trading Systems course for more advanced methods:

1: Getting Started

2: Entries and Exits

3: Risk and Money Management

4: Trading Psychology


Part 1: Discover Your Trading And Investment Personality

Discover Your Investment Personality!

There are as many different ways to trade as there are different people in the world.  At ASX Market Watch, we like to celebrate our differences.  Now you can find out your most likely investment personality, which can help you formulate a trading plan or trading rules to suit your personality so you aren’t forever fighting against your trading rules or system.  Brilliant!

Once you’ve answered the five simple questions, add up the numbers beside your answers and go to the bottom of this page for your investment personality..


From My Trading Or Investing, I Would Ideally Like:

  1. Monthly income for living
  2. Capital growth that I might take out every 6 months
  3. Capital Growth and Income over the medium term (from 6 months to 2 years)
  4. Capital growth and Income over the longer term (2 years +)

On My Trading And Investing, I would Ideally Spend:

  1. Three to five hours a day
  2. Three to five hours a week
  3. Three to five hours a month
  4. I just want to buy shares once and leave them alone

Ideally, when I buy a stock I would:

  1. Buy and sell quickly, trading news events and announcements
  2. Like to be at the very beginning of a trend as it emerges, realizing I won’t always be right
  3. Prefer to miss the beginning of a trend if it means I could be right more often
  4. I don’t care when I buy, I am going to hold it for years anyway

Ideally, once I have bought my stock I would:

  1. Sell it at the first sign of it turning around during the day
  2. Not give back too much profit as the trend emerges, but miss out on longer-running trends
  3. Allow more of my profit to t be lost if it means capturing a longer trend
  4. I do not ever want to sell my stocks, even if they halve in value.

When I have a tested and proven trading plan, I:

  1. Will follow it, provided it gets me in and out as soon as possible
  2. Know my plan can work over time, but I am still uncomfortable with giving back profits
  3. Am OK with giving back profits occasionally, because I know over time my plan can be successful
  4. I am never going to sell my stocks, so it doesn’t matter


Now add up the numbers beside your answers, and Click The Score Below To Find Your Investment Personality!


0 – 7

8 – 10

11 – 12

13 – 15

16 – 20


Your Free Course Lessons and Videos 

  1. What’s Your Trading Or Investment Personality?
  2. The Simple Mathematical Tool That Creates Millionaires
  3. Following The Smart Money In The Market: How To

Entries and Exits

  1. A Brilliant Way To Enter And Exit A Stock For A Profit
  2. An Amazing ”Stop Loss” Anyone Can Use To Increase Their Safety
  3. See Also: Coding a Moving Average system in Amibroker
  4. See Also: Coding a Bollinger Band Breakout in Amibroker
  5. Contingent Orders and Trading When Working Full Time

Money Management

  1. Position Sizing: Thinking Risk Instead of Percentage Return
  2. Getting Your Stats: How To Know If Your Strategy Can Win
  3. Knowing Your Total Risk and Possible Losing Streaks

Trading Psychology

  1. The Everlasting Lure and Terrible Dangers of Predictions
  2. The Top Six Account Destroyers and How To Fix Them
  3. Final Thought

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