The Technical View – Current Support and Resistance Levels on World Markets

This excerpt is for educational purposes only and is not to be interpreted as trading or investment advice.  See Terms Of Use here. This week we look at the world markets, and follow up with the single bar trade that formed a bottom on the S&P 500.  Calling these short term bottoms is one thing […]

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Technical Analysis Cheatsheet: Twelve Popular Technical Analysis Tools And What They Mean For Your Trading

Technical Analysis is the act of using a share price and volume to determine places to buy and sell.  While it used to be a relatively simple style of analysis, with the invention of computers its use has increased and has become both more simple and more complex.  Simple in that we can now with some programs […]

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Market Watch Weekly – Turning “Good Calls” Into Dollars – World Charts and Predictions

UPDATE: What a beautiful week on the markets!  The ASX Top 200 hit our trigger of 4700, and then shot off like a rocket.  Just beautiful, and we could expect it to reach our target of 5000. Also, we haven’t had any exit signals on any world markets – just up trend price action and […]

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Market Watch Weekly – World Market Charts Treading Water Before Next Up Move: With Predictions

UPDATE: This week we look at another part of Dow’s Theory – which looks at market cycles and market predictions.  In particular we’re still expecting the market to move into Dow’s 2nd wave – where company earnings drive the market as opposed to the previous move (renewed confidence) or the following move (rampant speculation). Also we […]

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Market Watch Weekly – World Economy Targets According to the Charts

UPDATE: Well the market is panning out exactly as we thought it would – exactly as our chartist’s tools outlined.  This is always nice to see, and shows why people have used these tools for more than 100 years – they work. This week we give more targets, short term and long term for the Dow, […]

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