Trading System: How to Code Highest Highs As Used In 52 Week Highs Or Turtle Trading System

Beginners Course  |  Intermediate Course  |  Amibroker Course Home Using the highest high value of the last “x” number of trading days has been a staple in trading systems for many decades.  Starting with the “Turtle Trading System” that used a version of 20 day highs and 10 day lows to create outstanding wealth, and going through […]

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The Truth About Trading With The 52 Week High: Can You Still Profit And Does It Still Work?

By Dave McLachlan Market Wizard William O’Neil has long advocated the power of looking for stocks that are making a new 52 week high before buying them.  In fact he made it a part of his overall method (the acronym CANSLIM includes “N” – new product, new management or new highs). The reasoning behind waiting […]

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