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The Stock Market does not always go up.

In today’s market you need to be able to identify stock market trends as they are happening – both up and down – and be able to take advantage of them.

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Entries And Exits РA simple yet powerful entry, exit and stop loss system for timing your entry into the market using a unique combination of time-tested timing techniques from Asia and the US.  These techniques combine to make a complete stock market system you can use, practice with or change to your liking.  Exact entry and exit rules are shown and taught.  It can also help you avoid false moves in the market.

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Trading Short – A Simple Yet Powerful,¬†Complete¬†Entry Exit and Stop Loss System For Taking Advantage of Downward Trends.¬† Based on a unique combination of time-tested techniques from around the world¬†we get a very powerful, very simple approach to identifying the times when many traders and investors are running for the door – in other words, a great time to be “short” the market.

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The “Greatest Stock Market Idea, Ever” – A unique combination of time tested techniques from London, America and Asia that can help you identify where the flow of money is going – in or out – and into which sectors.¬† And when we know where the money is, we can trade and invest accordingly and substantially increase our odds of success.¬†¬†This idea is the powerful missing link to hundreds of stock market investment strategies.¬† Chances are, it can help improve your strategy.¬† This lesson module can help you trade less, avoid false market moves¬†and be aware and invested during the good times.

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Single Bar Entries And Exits –¬†These two single bar signals can help you avoid false moves and signals, help you confirm correct entry and exit signals,¬†improve your understanding of market psychology and help you identify short term movements in the stock market.¬† Based on a unique combination of Western and Asian¬†techniques¬†this simple¬†lesson module¬†will take your trading and investing to new levels – no matter what method you currently use!

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Risk and Money Management РWhen all else is equal, proper Risk and Money Management is the key to superior returns in the market and this is the one thing all stock market masters will swear by.  This module reveals together in the one place many little-known techniques for increasing returns, reducing risk and managing your trades in the stock market.

Don’t pay thousands for courses on Position Sizing, Pyramiding, “Low Risk” and “Risk Free” trades.¬† Just get them all distilled into a short course here for a fraction of the cost and for a limited time only.

Increase your knowledge now –¬†don’t miss out!

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Back-Testing Wizard – If you have a Trading Plan or System for entering and exiting the stock market, you absolutely MUST have a way to test it to see if it is profitable.¬† That’s where the Back-Testing Wizard comes in.¬† Simply walk forward day by day in your charting program and enter your trades into the Wizard – it will give you your essential statistics: Profitability, Probability of Winning, your Expectancy or how much you¬†could make in a year.

No matter what market strategy you are using this is absolutely priceless in determining whether you have a winning strategy.  Uses Microsoft Excel.

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Gold Level: The Complete Stock Market Video Course – Get Our Flagship Course – Over 30 videos and lessons from basic to advanced methods.

Gold Level members also get exclusive¬†access to all the modules above (including Entries & Exits, Trading Short, The “Greatest Stock Market Idea, Ever”, Single Bar Entries and Exits, Money Management and the Back-Testing Wizard).

But more than that, Gold Level members will also learn more than half a dozen separate and specific entry and exit signals for up AND down markets, using Short Term and Long Term Methods, with a focus on managing your risk and managing your trade as it unfolds.  But there is still more for Gold Level members!  Throw in some:

  • Fibonacci and Gann market prediction techniques,
  • Fundamental and Technical automatic market scans,
  • Advanced short term timing techniques,
  • And an Elliott Wave course¬†that others will charge you thousands for

and you have one of the best courses available on the Web, at a fraction of the cost.¬† An essential course to take you from Beginner to Advanced in the stock market, and you get instant online access.¬† Don’t miss out!

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