The Technical View – Current Markets Resemble 2008, But Where Are We In The Cycle?

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Over the last few months we’ve been looking at the large Head and Shoulders pattern across world markets, which very often leads to a reversal, or a Bear Market.  That is currently unfolding now.

Many markets – the All Ordinaries, the S&P 500, and the FTSE, broke through their supportive “neck lines” this week.  Obviously not a good sign, and simply another check on the list for a downward moving market.  Whether you follow Chart Patterns or not, it’s very hard to argue that every market, including the BSE 30 and the Shanghai Composite, is in a short, medium, and long term down trend.

Shanghai was closed this week too – and the short term pattern we look at is a continuation pattern to the downside.

Check out the video for the full detail!

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