The Technical View – Trading the S&P 500 Single Bar Reversal, plus Big, Heavy Resistance Lines

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Last week we looked at how to find short term reversals on world markets – a great thing to look out for as markets like the S&P 500, All Ordinaries and Shanghai Composite are in Bear Market territory.

Lo and behold, this week we get just such a signal on the S&P 500, where the market started high, had a long range down and then closed on its highs again.

This video shows you how many people will trade these patterns, including stop losses and risk management as the trade evolves.  Pretty cool.

And of course, as we’ve been mentioning for months now, there is the big, heavy, overhanging resistance on all world markets that will stop any up moves in their tracks for a while to come.

Check out the video below!

S&P 500

06_SP 500_Single Bar Reversal

All Ordinaries

06_All Ordinaries Consolidation at Support

Shanghai Composite

06_Shanghai Composite_heavy resistance

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2 Responses

  1. Peter Vass - January 24, 2016

    Hi And welcome back.
    Just stumbled across your email in the junk folder.
    Loved your work when you started the website long ago.
    Is there a portfolio page like last time where you would document your trades.
    Cheers Peter

  2. David McLachlan - January 26, 2016

    Hey Peter,

    Thank you! I am tracking the trades in a trading system I use – which is based on the same method from then. Just started it in November when I came back… right in time for the bear market. Ha!

    Search for “Three Trading Systems” and it will come up. 🙂

    Happy trending,


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