Amibroker: How To Import A Watchlist With A CSV File


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Using Amibroker for your charting can be very simple when you know how.

Here we show you how to make a watchlist from a CSV file.  This can be very handy if you have downloaded a list of stocks, for example from Yahoo or your online broker, or even after performing a scan of Fundamental criteria you want and getting the results in the form of a CSV file.

Sometimes we might want to perform technical analysis scans on this list of stocks, and there is no easier way to do this than using Amibroker after we’ve turned our list into a watchlist.

How To Make A Watchlist With A CSV File

In the main screen of Amibroker, go to the top and click on:

  • File
  • Click on Import Wizard
  • Select Pick Files and select your CSV file.  Click Next.
  • On this screen, under Group and Watchlist, select the group (usually zero) and the watchlist or list name you want the stocks to go into.
  • Under the tick boxes on the right, I usually click “Log Errors”, “No Quotation Data”, and uncheck “Add New Symbols”.
  • Under the columns at the top, I usually select the first one as “ticker” and leave the rest blank.
  • Click Next, then Finish

If all has gone well, you will have a list of stocks in your desired watchlist!  Congratulations!

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  1. Truman - May 12, 2014

    Hi, when getting the EOD quotes from Yahoo, I am experiencing this issue. Yahoo provides raw Open, High, Low, Close data. After importing into Amibroker, if I backtest all years, there will be huge gaps when the stock is split.

    Yahoo provides adjusted data only for Close. But I can’t plot this in a full candlestick chart since I am missing Adjusted Open, Adjusted High, and Adjusted Low. Any advice of how to deal with this in Amibroker? Thanks.

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